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    Street lights powered by solar and wind energy are an emerging trend. An off grid lighting solution, which does not have any running costs post fitting

    About our Solar & Winding Lighting

    Street lights powered by solar and wind energy are an emerging trend. Hybrid lighting is an off grid lighting solution, which does not have any running costs post fitting. The major advantage of wind solar hybrid street lighting system is that when solar and wind power productions are used together, the reliability of the system is enhanced.

    Wind solar hybrid street lighting is an intelligent and complete stand-alone LED street lighting system. Composed of solar modules and small wind turbine, deep cycle batteries, controller and one or few street lights, this hybrid system harvests energy from both wind and solar and store it in deep cycle batteries to power street lights during night. Using a combination of wind & solar resources the system will provides a stable and constant flow of power to power the street lighting.

    The constantly moving turbine with solar panels will last up to twenty years (Not including the batteries) the LED lights and other parts within will endure  for as long as the turbine and Solar panel along with  hybrid street lights are guaranteed for.

    A stable supply of electricity is generated even when it is cloudy! The lighting starts automatically when the environment becomes dark through the use of an intelligent sensor system. The LED lights will turn on and off by an automatic controller which will deliver an average lighting time of 8-10 hours per day.

    Solar Street Light Systems Include:

    • Photovoltaic (PV) module- monocrystalline/polycrystalline
    • HY Series small wind turbine-400W/600W/1500W/3000W (12V/24/48/96V)
    • Light source – ultra bright LED light 20/30/40/60/80/90/120W
    • Controller – 5/10/15A wind solar hybrid controller, automatic light controller, automatic operation, multi work mode, over charge protection, high wind protection etc.
    • Energy Storage – sealed maintenance free AGM gel deep cycled battery
    • Battery Box – water proof design battery box
    • Light Pole – 6/8/10/12/16m light pole with 30/50m/s wind resistance

    Product benefits:

    • Wide applicable areas – hybrid system offers a much better reliability and sustainability to areas with less solar radiation level, long rainy season or long winter.
    • Longer battery life – normally wind turbine generates more power during night, part of power generated will supply the light directly, part of power could charge the battery during night, so less charging and discharging loss from battery and also each battery charging cycle is prolonged.
    • More cost-effective in windy areas – in the area with annual wind speed of 5-7m/s, wind solar hybrid system could have higher production to power higher capacity LED lights or more lights which could lower the system overall cost.
    • Easier installation & Maintenance – solar street light system cannot put bigger (max. 360W in two sections) PV panels on light pole considering wind load; wind solar hybrid system allows bigger capacity installed on light pole, which could generate enough electricity to power 2-4 LED lights, which means one power system supply for 2-4 lights, it will be easy for installation and maintenance. 
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