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    Solar Street Lighting is dedicated to providing you with clean, affordable, sustainable, high quality street lighting, totally off grid and totally free of day to day running costs.

    Solar Street Lighting was founded with the ethos of reducing the running costs of street lighting through the widespread adoption of the combination of wind, solar microgeneration technology and high efficiency LED lamps.

    In the UK alone, over 4 billion KWh of electricity is consumed by street lighting every year, costing approximately £500 million per annum and resulting in over 1.9 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions. At Solar Street Lighting, we firmly believe that the financial and environmental impact of street lighting should, and can, be reduced.

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    As Global energy costs continue to spiral ever upwards and financial penalties are imposed for carbon dioxide emissions, the case for adopting the low impact technology provided by Solar Street Lighting is compelling.

    Our street lighting systems eliminate electricity costs and reduces the burden of carbon taxes for your existing lighting budget. It can be installed in new build locations without the additional costs of trenching, cables and mains connection fees.

    Solar Street Lighting will survey your individual site conditions and produce a detailed feasibility report taking account of the specific wind and solar conditions for each project site. We will work closely with you and your own specifiers to design a lighting solution that is tailored to the exact requirements of each individual site. After which, we will manufacture and install your system.

    Our systems use the very latest high efficiency components and come with a full warranty in addition to our ongoing maintenance package to ensure total peace of mind.

    Cutting carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution is just as important to Solar Street Lighting as making savings due to wasted energy. We firmly believe that combining wind and solar micro generation with high efficiency LED luminaires is the future of outdoor lighting across the world.

    We work with component suppliers to bring together the most efficient and reliable technologies available and package them into simple, easy-to-install systems. We use high efficiency wind turbines and solar panels ensure effective operation in even the most challenging conditions.

    Charging of our deep cycle battery units is managed by an intelligent control unit that balances the charging inputs and loads resulting in a system that can run for up to 5 days without sun or wind if required. The LED lamps produce virtually no heat, reducing wasted energy. The design of the luminaires ensures that light is focused where it is needed and not lost in the form of light pollution where it is not.

    Just click the button below to find out how our low-impact lighting solutions can help you save money and keep the lights on!

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    Streetlights are among a city’s most important assets providing safe roads, inviting public areas, and enhanced security in homes, businesses, and city centres. They are usually very costly to operate, however, and they use a lot of energy – almost 40 percent of a city’s electricity spending.

    Most streetlight manufacturers haven’t leveraged technology to address these issues, but as the cost of electricity continues to rise, it’s becoming crucial that they do so. Cities that create managed streetlight networks can not only offer additional services, but also save energy and reduce their maintenance budgets, thus increasing their value as municipal assets.

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